The Red Kite Weekend.

The Red Kite Weekend is organised by the Red Kite Club which is actually the Borders & Mid-Wales Section of the Moto Guzzi Club Great Britain (MGCGB). These pages are to provide information for those wanting to come and will be updated from time to time with photos and reports.

Attendance at the camp is restricted to MGCGB members, their guests and other invited groups. Tickets for the weekend must be bought in advance.

Red Kite 6.

23-25 September 2022.

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No more contacts about late booking.

You are too late now. I don’t have the internet access to process your requests and you’ve had months to sort yourselves out.

The rally is pre-book only. Do not try and book on arrival. It will be embarrassing for all concerned.




Updated 21 September 2022.