Red Kite 3 (2018) Gallery

The Hound of the Baskervilles and the Red Kite.

Here are some photos from Red Kite 3 held over the weekend 7th to 9th September 2018. One or two photos may have been copied from the MGCGB Facebook page. If you are the owner of one or more of these photos and object to them being posted here contact me and I’ll remove them.

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Thursday 6th September.

The advanced party and HQ for the weekend.

Friday 7th September.

Arrivals, setting up and having a natter.

As Friday evening came we moved into our club room in the hotel.


There was a talk by a representative of the Wales Air Ambulance, which is our main charity this year, followed by a team quiz. The DJ played background music and there was even time for a little poetry reading.

pk IMG_2710
The winning quiz team.

Saturday 8th September.

There were two ride-outs organised for the Saturday morning. We had been told it would be wet but it wasn’t so bad. The first group to set off was led by Jon W and would provide a full day’s ride.

Jon W and the group prepare for the day’s ride.

It was difficult catching moving targets when it became wet and dark. The photos aren’t so good.

A few minutes later the Pussy Cat ride-out left the hotel. This is a much shorter run usually taken at a leisurely pace. It was still wet.

Pete B shows off his brand new bike at a stop. It was picked up from the dealers yesterday then ridden straight to the rally.

Back at the site;

Plenty of time for more chat outside “The Hungry Duck”.
Umbrella no longer needed!

Mid afternoon and it was time for the duck race. Most events of the kind involve some form of flowing water. We, however, felt that this wasn’t necessary and held the race in the hotel swimming pool. Instead volunteers were used to encourage the ducks to make their way from one end of the pool to the other.

Sadly, in all the excitement I failed to get a photo of the winning duck reaching its destination.

Duck race over it was time for the mad hatter’s tea party in the club room. Tea, cake and a bit of a laugh.

Meanwhile back outside Dave H popped in with his Triking.


Time for rally-goers to make their way to the club room for the evening entertainement.


The main event was music from Little Rumba. They’re not the usual bike rally band but went down really well. Their set was broken for the usual raffle prize draw and awards.

pk IMG_2733
Little Rumba.

Recording on the night wasn’t that successful so Try these for a flavour;

Finally there was the spectacular return of the legendary Stuttgart Motorcycle Stunt and Display Team whose dangerous manoeuvres left the now slightly befuddled (possibly drunk) onlookers open-mouthed and lost for words.


Sunday 9th September.

Some rushed to pack up and make their way home while others hung around, seemingly reluctant to leave. Time for a last chat then they were gone.




A few more bike pics from the weekend.

Over the weekend we raised over £470 for our chosen charity, Wales Air Ambulance.

Air ambulance cert

See you next year? It’s got to be done!